New Additions to HP Latex Roll Printers


Athens, an exclusive dealer for HP latex roll printers and Scitex Flatbed printers, announced today the addition of three new printers to the HP line-up of wide format equipment. The first two are the L560 and L570, fourth generation additions to the latex line of mid-sized printers.

Both the L560 and the L570 are 64” wide and reflect enhancements to the L360 and L370, two successful models introduced over the past two years. These models use the same inks as the L360 and L370, and provide all the fast drying and scratch resistant benefits of latex.

Faster Run Speeds and More

One major improvement is run speed. The L560 and L570 run approximately 30% faster than the earlier models resulting in increased productivity, even during unattended operation. Additional enhancements include:

  • Spindle-less media management, allowing for much faster loading times
  • A more robust pick up reel that can hold rolls as heavy as 121 pounds.
  • An automatic skew adjustment has been added along with adjustments to the pinch wheel guide, providing wrinkle free advancement of textiles and other lightweight media
  • A second optimizer head has been added to help maintain quality at higher speeds
  • HP added a Vivid Print Mode, providing deeper colors and heavier ink saturation.
  • A wiper roller can be used when running inexpensive banner material to help eliminate problems with plasticizers

The difference between the L560 and L570 is the ink system. The 560 has ink in 775 ML containers while the 570 utilizes 3 liter inks in the same fashion as currently done with the L370. The difference is the inks are stored on the front side of the L570, allowing the printer to be pushed against a wall and utilize less space. Both models will be available in mid-August of 2016.

New 3.2 Meter Printer

HP also announced a new printer to compete in the 3 meter market as a high speed production latex printer. The L1500 is 3.2 meters wide and can run rolls as wide as 126” or 2 rolls simultaneously up to 63” wide. It comes with roll slitters, so one parent roll can be slit into 3 smaller rolls. It is extremely fast and has all the benefits of latex ink in terms of quick dry and scratch resistance.

The L1500 also comes with an optimizer to provide high quality at high speeds. Other key points include:

  • It handles rolls up to 350 pounds
  • Prints double-sided
  • Prints on mesh or textile without a backer sheet

Inks come in 5 liter containers and overall production costs are extremely competitive. This model will be available for sale starting July 15.

 Everyone at Athens is excited about this news, and we’ll keep you updated.