Athens and Cenveo Push the Envelope for Direct Mail Performance

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If the brand name Cenveo sounds familiar, you’re not alone! The century-old company no longer offers printing services, but it is now a leading envelope manufacturer and designer.

Athens is a proud distributor of Cenveo envelopes, with many solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve ROI, developing strategies to catch recipients’ attention, or searching for more sustainable print options, choosing the right envelope is critical for a successful direct mail campaign.

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What’s on the Outside Does Matter

Elements like envelope color, texture, and embellishments may be the difference between a direct mail piece being opened and considered versus unopened and thrown away. In fact, colored envelopes are 20% more likely to be opened and improve brand recognition by 80%! Envelopes also give you the “reveal” factor by piquing recipients’ interest about what’s inside.

Why Choose Cenveo Envelopes?

Cenveo offers several different envelope types in a variety of colors. Enhanced flexographic printing technology allows for a cost-effective way to use numerous inks, varnishes, and coatings. Cenveo also offers specialty envelopes, including embellished pieces with tactile, sensory, and interactive features. Many of Cenveo’s solutions are also designed with sustainability in mind.

2024 Postal Promotions

If you’re developing campaigns to take advantage of the 2024 Postal Promotions, Cenveo envelopes can help. We’ll work with you to source the right envelopes that fit the precise parameters of the promotions and ensure you get the discount – and the ROI – you’re looking for.

It may be what’s on the inside that counts, but at Athens, we know that what’s on the outside is important, too!

To learn more or request a sample package, contact Kelley McLaughlin, Marketing Manager.

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