All-In-One Plastic Strapping Kits: Your Space-Saving Solution

Need plastic strapping materials but don’t need (or don’t have space for) large quantities? A strapping kit from Athens could be the perfect solution for you! 

These self-contained kits include all the necessary tools and accessories for a streamlined system, including strapping materials—without the need to order a full coil. You’ll get what you need, when you need it, in a space-saving all-in-one solution.


SP-W Strap PAC / Athens Item #: 059204

This best-selling convenient plastic strapping kit contains everything needed for a complete, self-contained, light-duty strapping system. Designed for low-volume, multi-station users, the SP-W is portable and economical. It includes 3000 ft. of light-duty strapping, 300 wire buckles, and 1 hand pull tensioner.


Postal Kit Plus / Athens Item #: 059205

This inexpensive kit includes post-office-recommended ½” white strapping, plastic buckles, and a simple tensioning and cutting tool. It is packaged in a self-dispensing carton, has complete instructions, and contains enough material to strap 500 trays.  


EP48 Econo PAC / Athens Item #: 059207

This self-contained kit is packaged for flexibility. It contains everything necessary to handle a wide range of strapping applications. Packaged in a double-wall self-dispensing carton, the EP48 is ideal for first-time users and multi-location buyers. It includes 9000’ of ½” strapping, 1000 open seals, a tensioning tool, and a sealing tool.

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