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As we approach the Christmas season, it is time to reflect on what we need in our wide format stocking for the holiday season. Adhesive vinyl, as a category, remains the broadest range of products within the wide format industry. While the vinyl is similar from one product to another, adhesives can vary dramatically depending on the end-use application. Athens has products to meet all your needs, no matter the season.

Economy Versions of Permanent and Removable Adhesives

Designed for projects where cost is an essential factor, economic types of permanent adhesives will adhere to a flat service and provide a strong bond for at least a year. Economical versions of removable adhesive are also intended for flat surfaces, providing a firm grip but with the benefit of clean removability for up to a year.

High-Tack Adhesive

On certain substrates, such as hard plastics, trash cans, brick, cinder blocks, and fiberglass, a standard adhesive will not provide the necessary grip to stay on these materials. As a result, Athens recommends substituting high-tack adhesive, which enables materials, such as a decal or label, to stay on for an extended period. There are several degrees of tack, and requirements vary by end-use. The Athens experts can help you select the correct product.

Ultra-Removable Adhesive

There are many uses where it is preferable to have an easily removable adhesive that can be taken off cleanly for short-term projects. Examples would be holiday decals for windows or walls.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics is one of the broadest categories of adhesive vinyl products, and the product chosen will depend on the surface where it will be applied and how long it is intended to stay up. Athens offers a wide range of products, including for use on wallpaper, murals, and decals for both long-term and short-term applications.

Air Egress Adhesive

When selecting an adhesive vinyl, installation should always be considered. For many types of graphics, the key to success is how the product will be installed and the ability to remove and reposition a vinyl if it does not initially go on straight. Air egress adhesives can assist you during installation processes because they contain air channels allowing for easy removability and repositioning. While air egress products are slightly more expensive than products with standard adhesives, choosing to use them can speed up installation and reduce waste and frustration.

At Athens, we stock a wide range of adhesive vinyl to meet every need. Provide us with a description of your end use and the surface where you plan to apply the adhesive, and we can make recommendations to bring cheer to all your wide format requirements.

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