Unleashing Brand Potential: The Impact of a Comprehensive Paper Line

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When you need a complete paper line to coordinate all aspects of a print project, the Accent ® line, available at Athens, is an ideal choice!

Accent Opaque Text is a premium, uncoated sheet with excellent opacity, making it an exceptional option for a wide range of applications, including catalogs, flyers, sell sheets, manuals, and print marketing collateral. Its coordinating line, Accent Cover, is a heavier stock ideal for invitations, business cards, menus, and reports. It has the strength necessary for folding, scoring, die-cutting, and perforating—plus a smooth printing surface for crisp, vivid images.

Designers and marketers often turn to their printing partners to help them select papers with both depth and breadth in a line—that is, multiple weights, both cover and text options, offset—and digital-friendly papers, and matching envelopes. Accent offers a comprehensive line to meet that need.

Whether printing business cards, brochures, letterhead, or mailers, a uniform look and feel is essential for creating professional and cohesive branded communications.
Accent ensures consistency, enhancing a brand’s reputation for quality.

Accent’s comprehensive line includes:

  • Three finishes: Smooth, Super Smooth, Vellum
  • Six text weights: 40 lb., 50 lb., 60 lb., 70 lb., 80 lb., 100 lb.
  • Six cover weights: 65 lb., 80 lb., 100 lb., 110 lb., 120 lb., 130 lb.
  • Offset and digital options
  • Envelopes

When you need sheets with substance, check out items stocked at Athens from the Accent Heavyweight Collection. These sheets are sustainably made, competitively priced, and quickly available, with a smooth surface ideal for printing.

At Athens, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect solutions for your paper needs every time. With its depth and breadth of stock, the comprehensive Accent line offers you the versatility you need while maintaining consistent quality.