Digital Paper for All Applications

Athens stocks an extensive line of digital papers and substrates for every application. We support a wide variety of equipment including HP, Xerox, Kodak, Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and other dry toner equipment.

digitalCategories include:

  • Coated sheets
  • Uncoated sheets
  • Writing papers
  • Text and cover
  • Films and synthetics
  • Magnets
  • Labels
  • Carbonless
  • Converted products including ID cards with carriers
  • Roll stock
  • Cut Sheets

Verso Digital Papers

verso-logoOptions for All Equipment and Every Budget
Athens distributes the complete portfolio of Verso digital products. This product line has tremendous depth. Available in a wide range of sizes, weights and calipers. Every Verso sheet delivers reliable performance and the blue-white shade that today’s designers prefer. All Verso sheets are certified FSC®, PEFC™, and SFI® certified.

  • Futura® is the highest rated and most versatile of the Verso digital line. It is the grade to choose when you’re running multiple print engines in your shop because it is certified to run on HP Indigo, NexPress, and iGen, as well as other toner-based equipment.
  • With 94 brightness and an enhanced printing surface, Sterling® Premium Digital is the new digital premium without the premium price tag. It’s the same legendary Sterling® standard you know and trust for steadfast consistency, tried-and-true reliability on press and budget-friendly pricing.
  • Sterling® Premium Digital™ for HP Indigo has an enhanced surface designed specifically for optimal press performance on HP Indigo equipment.
  • Verso now offers Sterling® Premium Digital Tough Tear, a three ply paper/poly/paper laminate. Designed with a heavyweight tear resistant poly between two layers of Sterling® Premium Digital, this new substrate gives the digital printing environment a solution where paper performance is enhanced by the durability of poly.
  • Productolith Pts® Digital is a name you can trust. Our digital version of this classic gives you all the features you’ve come to expect from the standard Productolith® line. An exceptionally smooth, non-glare finish and blue-white shade with 90 brightness yields superior printability and premium appearance on digital offset production and color laser.
  • Blazer Digital® is an economical, coated digital paper with weight and finish choices similar to conventional folio formats. Offered in gloss and satin, text and cover weights, it provides good performance on dry and liquid toner, production color laser printers and digital offset technologies.

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Athens ProDigital—High Value at a Great Price

Athens ProDigital is a high quality coated paper available in gloss and silk finishes in text and cover stock.